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Weather Forecasting and Consultancy

Our dedicated team of meteorologists use the most reliable data and modelling systems to deliver a range of weather forecasting products for both commercial and consumer applications.

Each day, we produce written and graphical short range weather forecasts out to three days ahead covering 13 regions of the UK and Ireland. Once complete, a medium range weather outlook and forecaster commentary is compiled which summarises conditions out to ten days.

The recent introduction of ensemble driven long range forecasts provide guidance and in-depth analysis of expected weather conditions over the next 30 days. Although broad in detail, significant weather events such as heavy rainfall or strong winds are included with probabilities of occurrence at either national or regional levels. Numerical weather prediction gauges levels of confidence in these forecasts and clients can access advanced model output and ensemble data on request.

Alerts of severe weather can be added to any of our weather forecasting services and these provide advance warning of extreme weather and hazardous conditions at postcode level.

Other products include site forecasting and deployment which offers dedicated consultancy to make decisions in marginal conditions whilst page-ready products deliver engaging online content.

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