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Historical Weather Database: Full UK and Ireland Postcode Coverage

Over the past two years, the WeatherLab team have compiled one of the largest historical weather archives covering every town and city within the UK and Ireland. For the first time, weather data is available to both commercial and consumer users within minutes to download.

In most cases, weather observations from the nearest station to a postcode or grid-reference is sufficient, however we triangulate conditions from a selection of local stations in a region if necessary. Comprising of quality-controlled weather conditions from Government land-based stations, supplied data is either raw (.csv) or letter-headed PDF format for legal use.

Over 30 parameters are available for download including temperature, wind speed and direction, rainfall accumulation, lightning strikes, cloud cover and observed weather conditions. For the majority of UK cities, daily sunshine duration and snowfall depth is also available. All inclement weather reports for the construction industry are accompanied with official site documentation and a full calibration history can be provided subject to Met Office approval.

We believe that every client has different needs and requirements. For this reason, we offer a free and confidential helpline, where our dedicated team of meteorologists carefully assess your circumstances and needs and then help you find the best historical weather data available.

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