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weatherlab insurance claim validation

Insurance Claim Validation

From missing tiles, collapsed roofs to flood damage - we can provide you with local weather data from your area to help satisfy even the toughest of insurance claims.

Access to our historical weather database which provides full UK and Ireland postcode coverage since 1990 is offered to both the public and commercial organisations in PDF, Word or Excel format.

Over 30 hourly or daily parameters are available including:

• Air Temperature • Mean Wind Speed • Weather Type and Event
• Maximum Temperature • Sustained Wind Speed • Low Cloud Cover
• Minimum Temperature • Peak Wind Gust • Mid Cloud Cover
• Wet Bulb Temperature • Wind Direction • High Cloud Cover
• Dew Point • Sea-Level Pressure • Sunrise Times
• Grass / Soil Temperature • Visibility • Sunset Times
• Relative Humidity • Sunshine Duration
• Rainfall Accumulation • Lightning Strike Duration
• Rainfall Rate • Lightning Strike Intensity
• Snow Accumulation • Lightning Strike Location

Weather Data Request Form

If you have a insurance claim and require weather data, please use our online enquiry form below and one of our team will be touch within 24 hours. This is offered FREE of charge without any obligation and will remain confidential.

Important: Please include a postcode or place name of the location you require weather data

E-mail Address
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How would you like to receive your historical weather data? Adobe PDF
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